Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tag from eDdy..

Here we go. Please answer the questions in English.
(pergh...bhsa jawe tak bley ke??)

1.You must answer all the questions.

2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz.

* jajan
* jamil
* ecah ukm
* syamila
* izat

1. What’s your full name?
of course aDi syaFiq bin mD amir

2. Do you hate someone at this moment?
i think i really hate someone...

3. What makes you hate her/him?
because he/she is very bull shit...

4. You love your family?
mesti la...sowi²...of course i luv them so much

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love.
i love all my friend...

6. Why do you love them?
bcoz, they luv, i must luv them la...hoho

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?
actually, both of them i would prefer...but, prefer what???

8. Did someone make you cry this week?
nope...bcoz at this tyme, i wanna be happy person...

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?
shit question...everytime i call my frenz, we laugh together...

10. Do you like someone at this moment?
yup..but dunno that she like me or not..huhu

11. What was the last present you received?
shirt, bear...that's all

12. Are you missing someone?

13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?
she still luv me even she have new one right now..hahaha

14. What was the last comment you received?
tq coz approve me (frenster)

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?
semoga pjg umo dan dimurahkan rezeki..hahaha

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