Wednesday, November 11, 2009

haTiku luka

salam dan selamat ptg (bwu bgn tdo)

akhirnye, aku berjaya gak diinterviewkan diri pas menunggu lebih kurang 4 far, ok la gak coz ape yg dato' tnc tnyer, aku jwb ngan begitu simple jwpan berbanding yg laen..hohohoh..gugup sket...biase ar...jumpe owg2 beso ney laen sket perasaannyer...dah la group aku paling ramai...dlm 7 owg..ofcoz dato pon bosan nk dgr jwpan yg pjg berjela..hehehe...hampeh ar diowg yg amik mase yg lame coz aku owg terakhir yg beliau tnyer...

about my language?hahaha...very bad so much..aku pon tak pasti ape yg aku yg aku ngarot..aku pun tak aku rase dye paham kot..hak3...k la, ney aku nk bg ape yg beLiau tnyer kat aku serta jWapan aku....

Dato tiMbalan Naib ceNselor-Tnc

ok adi, tell me about your self , your ambition and why do you want join this trip

(salam) and very good afternoon to dato and observer(ade 2 owg, sowg laki, sowg pompuan). My name is Adi Syafiq Bin Md Amir and all my personal detail i have stated at the resume. so, now, i want to tell about who am i..i am a good leader..i know i was born to be a leader...because, start from my family, i'm the olders from 4, as a big brother, i must keep on eye all my siblings to be a good person and i also must show them that i'm a good brother so that they can follow my step... as a part of hockey team player, i've been selected as a vice captain even i'm on sem 2...i help all my team to make sure they play safe and make sure all my team in higher discipline...without discipline, there is no matter to get win.
I wanna to be an engineer..ofcoz i also want to have my own consultant company..that's why i chose this universities to make my dream be reality...
why i want to join this trip? because this is my chance to see the other country. even though i live in my peaceful country, but i want to go outside to improve my self. look about their technology. there is something new for me so that, after that trip, i want to apply their technology into my psm project. i hope, it will help to improve our technology more better than before.

if you been selected to join this trip, what do you want to tell them about the malaysia

i tell them about the peaceful of malaysia. meaning peaceful for them is, they safe when they want to walk at the ghost..furthemore, i also tell to them about the weather of malaysia. i think, this is part why they want to come our country.

ok, thank you..i hope you don't feel frustrated if you not selected for this trip...if you selected, i wish congrats..enjoy your trip and the most important is, take care your self...thank you... (",)

tu je la kot sesi aku ngan rese2 nye tak dpt kot coz ade yg lebey hebat..hohoh..takpe2..saje2 dtg interview..

to cik bunga--> kamo send pic tyme kat pD ey?hohho...ngah tdo td..tension jwb tak aci!! adie takde kat situ..huk3...mish u sgt..

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